Every Waite Park Community gardener is responsible for signing up for the correct number of work hours and completing them before the end of the season.

1) Sign up for 4 work days(per plot) for the season to start. This is in case we have to cancel for weather-related reasons. Leads will communicate with you if the work days are cancelled.

2) Sign up with your plot number. If you don’t know your plot number, it’s okay to sign up with your first name AND last initial/last name (results will only be visible to us).

3) Submit a response for each individual that will attend the work day – so if multiple gardeners from the same plot are coming to the same work day, make sure to submit a response for each so we know how many people to expect.

4) If a work day is grayed out/unavailable, it means that 10 gardeners have already signed up.

Sign up for and check work days/completions here.

Use this guide if you need instructions for signing up for work hours Please note that it may take a few days for workdays and hours completed to be updated.

Still have questions? Check out the Work Days FAQs