Buying equipment and gardening supplies for your garden can be expensive, and is often unnecessary. Why buy when you can reuse, and upcycle many things to use in the garden!

Repurpose plastic yogurt and sour cream containers

  • Cut containers into long strips to use as plant tags
  • poke holes in the bottom and use to start seedlings
  • cut off bottom and use as a collar to protect young seedlings from cut worms and wind.

Toilet Paper and Paper towel Rolls

  • Make pots for seedlings
  • cut into 2 inch lengths and use as collars to protect against cut worms

Milk Jugs and 2 Liter plastic Bottles (without the lid)

  • Use for winter sowing, by making a mini greenhouse.
  • Cut of the bottom to make a protective cloche.

To Go containers, plastic clamshells, and mushroom trays

  • All of these items make great seed starting containers
  • Cherry tomato and berry containers already have drainage holes!
  • Larger containers from mixed greens make good propagation chambers for keeping in humidity when starting seeds.