Garden Policy

Policy changes are approved by the WPCG Steering group and reviewed with Returning Garden Membership in the annual February / March meetings and New Garden Membership registration in the April.

Policy Table of Contents

Mission Statement

Beautify and grow our community through cooperative stewardship of the Waite Park Community Garden.
About the Garden

Established in 1997, funded by annual WPCG Member fees and the Minneapolis Waite Park Neighborhood Revitalization Program (“NRP”). Land provided by the Soo Line of the Canadian Pacific Railroad at 3601 Lincoln Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418.

Guiding Principals
  • The Waite Park Community Garden is a volunteer driven organization.
  • Gardeners are to use natural organic sustainable practices when gardening.
  • Gardeners are expected to be in Good Standing by the following commitments:

– Annual fee is paid in full.
– Agree to and complete the required service for the maintenance and development of the garden.
– Actively maintain your garden plot (see Plot Care).
– Be respectful of other gardeners and their garden plots.
– Follow the policies and rules of the garden.

Note: Gardeners NOT in Good Standing may not be allowed to garden the following season.

Leadership in the Garden

The garden is a sub-committee of the Waite Park Neighborhood Community Council.

  • Officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary (Optional), and Treasurer.
  • Teams: Mowing, Water, Registration & Communications, Events, Perennial Garden, and Maintenance.
  • Steering Committee: Officers, 4 Section Leaders, and Team Leaders.
Garden Season
Opening & Closing Dates: 2nd Saturday of April & the 2nd Saturday November
• Water Available: From 2nd Saturday of May to 2nd Saturday of October
• Garden Hours: Dawn to Dusk
• Location: 3601 Lincoln St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418
• Email:

Rules of the Garden

  • Children under 18 years of age need to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Pets are not allowed in the garden but can be leashed outside the garden east of the west gate. Pet waste must be removed; do not put into the compost bins.
  • All trash is to be taken home for proper disposal.
  • No throwing of anything over the fence.
  • Do not block the handicap ramp entrance with vehicles.
  • No smoking in the garden.
  • Last gardener to leave ensures the water is turned off at the hutch, water hutch is locked, and entrance(s) are locked.

Garden Plots & Fees


  • There are 71 raised plots in the garden. Two are handicap accessible.
  • Plots need to be started by June 1st and maintained throughout the gardening season. Starting date may be extended by the president’s discretion.
  • There is to be no sub-letting of plots. Sharing a plot is allowed by president’s discretion.

Plot Fees & Service:

  • Fees are due at registration time and include obligatory service hours, a 144 sq ft garden plot, water, compost, dirt, and wood chips.
  • Refunds are at the president’s discretion.
  • Each gardener will select or be assigned 1-2 job/tasks for the garden and its organization. Once jobs are completed a Job Checker, Team Leader or Officer will verify the work has been completed.
  • Gardeners with second plots will be expected to pay the full plot fee and work an extra job/task (See exception to this rule in Abandon Plots).

Plot Registration:

  • New Gardener registration/orientation is done on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to Waite Park neighborhood residents, then residents of Minneapolis, then residents of any other Minnesota suburb or city.
  • There are two New Gardener registration/orientation dates: the 1st Saturday of April and at the April Waite Park Community Council meeting. Both are held at the Waite Park Community Center. Proof of address will be required.
  • Returning Gardener registration is during the month of February/March. Starting and ending dates may be changed by the Presidents discretion. Returning Gardeners need to be in good standing to receive a plot. Returning Gardeners will be notified of the registration by email and/or US mail.

Second Plots:

  • After the last New Gardener registration day, remaining open plots will be given to returning gardeners from the rotating waiting list.
  • Indicate on registration form if interested in a second plot.
  • 2nd plots are awarded only to gardeners approved by the president.

Abandon Plots:

  • If a plot looks unattended to (president’s discretion with input from gardeners) on or after June 1st then one reminder will be communicated to the gardener of that plot by email, phone and/or note left at garden plot/kiosk. That gardener has one week to respond. Otherwise, that plot becomes an “Abandon Plot” and will be given to another gardener, covered with plastic or covered with green manure seeds.
  • On or after June 1 any abandon plots may be given to a returning gardener by the president.
  • No fee or extra service hours required for taking an abandon plot.
  • Note: The June 1st date may be extended at the president’s discretion.

Plot Care:

  • Avoid digging into the subsoil due to potential contamination of soil from railroad activity. Also, beware of the waterlines when digging (see map at kiosk).
  • No planting of shrubs, bushes, trees, berry bushes, sunflowers or heavy stalk plants. All other planting of perennials needs the president’s approval.
  • Use of chemical herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers are prohibited. Natural fertilizers must 10-10-10 or less.
  • Remove all weeds as soon as possible, do not let them go to seed.
  • Keep your pathway zone plant & weed free. Zones will be assigned to gardeners.
  • By the end of season remove all plants and materials from garden plot. Exception for mulches such as straw, grass clippings, compost, green manure plants and approved perennials.
  • Use of carpet or other foreign material as a weed stop or mulch needs approval from the president.
  • If you cannot attend to or keep up with your garden due to unforeseeable circumstances contact your Section Leader and/or an officer as soon as possible.

Annual Election of Officers and Appointments of Team Leaders & Section Leaders

  • Officers are elected with a present majority vote at the fall meeting.
  • The terms of elected service shall be one year, renewable twice, for a maximum of three consecutive years.
  • Terms run December – November of the following year.
  • Only gardeners in Good Standing are eligible for election.
  • Gardeners who have left office can be eligible for election to another office.
  • Gardeners who have been out of office for a full year are eligible for re-election to an office previously held.
  • At least 3 of the 4 elected officers shall be residents of the Waite Park neighborhood.
  • The president, in consultation with other elected officers, appoints the Team Leaders and Section Leaders.
  • If an officer or gardener of the steering committee steps down from office during the course of a year, the president has the authority to fill the position.

Garden Meetings

  • Meetings are open to all gardeners.
  • Meeting notices will be communicated prior to the meeting by email, phone, US mail and/or posted at the garden kiosks.
  • Votes at meetings will not be accepted by proxy or in absentia.
  • 1 vote per gardening plot (meaning plots with multiple gardeners only get one vote). Gardeners with multiple plots only get one vote.
  • Garden meetings follow the Roberts Rules of Order.

Note: For questions, concerns or need more information contact the president.

Note: This document may be reviewed, discussed and possibly altered by gardeners at the next fall and winter meetings.

This document updated March 14, 2016.